Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S


It was a pleasure to join the Rally as exhibitor. Thank you to everybody visiting my tent.

Below is the brochure I handed out at the rally:

Classic Cars (Pvt.) Ltd.

Ginigaltuduwa, Manavila, Walahanduwa, Sri Lanka

Tel. / Fax 09 46 495
Manufacturer of parts for the Morris Minor and other classics

Very often parts become obsolete because it is no longer viable for the producer to make them.

This is a problem for us and therefore I formed Classic Cars (Pvt.) Ltd. in Sri Lanka in 1995.

The company is now developing well. The employees are paid well and 25 families earn a living from the company.

Everything develops very slowly in Sri Lanka, but now we feel ready to promote our services.

We are able to produce many parts in a small number as we can do it by hand instead of using expensive machinery and tooling.
The company is mostly based on production to order. At present 98% of the parts are exported to Denmark and England.

You can see more about Sri Lanka on my website

When you need a part, it is best to contact Mike Lennon, Morris Minor Centre Birmingham and ask for availability.
If he is not able to supply, please contact me. I know what is in progress in Sri Lanka and what we can do.

Trade enquiries are welcome. When we can produce a part for the Morris Minor, we can make the similar part for other cars.

Anton Kamp Nielsen
Managing Director

A small number of the parts produced:

703801grille Herald 1200
AAA2347bulb holder van number plate
AAA4041lens lamp van
LMP146interior lamp
AAA3627bush shackle van
ADA4374plug sunvisor aperture
BDH4144buffer glove box lid
LKG103socket locking rod Traveller
11H1610engine mounting 1800
11H1643engine mounting 1800
11H1648engine mounting 1800
31G312subframe mounting 11-1300
31G370subframe mounting 11-1300
BTA656bracket R 11-1300
BTA657bracket L 11-1300
COM128lever clutch LHD
PAN105stud bumper rear R
PAN106stud bumper rear L
CHS218chassis van
CHS262filler cover van
CHS300bracket wiper motor

On my website you can se an updated list of parts.


Agent in England:

Morris Minor Centre Birmingham Ltd.
993, Wolverhampton Road
West Midlands B69 4RJ

Tel: 0121 5445522
Fax: 0121 5446868

Agent in Denmark:

Nordisk Morris Minor Lager
Østergade 17
8990 Fårup

Tel: +45 86 44 32 95
Fax: +45 86 44 38 95

Pictures of my tent.