Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Summer Rally 2001

Participants from Switzerland, Germany, England, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, around 90 good Morris Minor 2-door, 4-door, cabriolet, Traveller, Van and Pick-up.

We were lucky. Dry weather most of the time. Wonderful on Saturday.

A job well done by the people arranging and the place, a Boy Scout camp, was ideal. Everybody enjoyed themselves. The club members not participating miss a lot.

Although it was not pure relaxing for Kurt and myself, we agree that it is worth the trouble and we had fun. Wherever we go somebody want to discuss matters and time flies.

Preparing for the tour is hard work and we are not always sure that we have everything ready.

This year I was exited about towing the caravan. It has been troublesome to tow it for some time. I tried to sort out the problem. I did not find anything alarming, but made a few adjustments and this time it followed the Traveller nicely.

NMMK Rally 2001

Of course it is felt that there is something extra. On our way down, there was a heavy head wind and heavy rain. Third speed gear was in use a few times. The engine is a 1275 Midget and the differential 3,9 Midget. On our way back we had tail wind and it was a steady 70 to 80 km/h in top gear. With a lower gearing it would perform much better.

Also this year we made good use of the emergency box. Something unexpected will happen when so many are driving a long way. It can be a little unpleasant for the ones in trouble, but with a lot of experts and willing hands it is no problem at all. Somebody really plan a repair job for the rally and this year a man from Switzerland fitted two new rear springs. Although it looked alarming with blocks of firewood instead of a jack, he did the job very fast and professional.

As we were two of us this year, we could bring some extra parts. Kurt brought the parts ordered for collection and I had the emergency box and some parts to put on display.

The Night Mechanic, Otto Knudsen, brought his engine test equipment and was a very popular man. He was talking and measuring so much that he had to take some "medicine". Many of us had a few problems solved.

NMMK Rally 2001
A little fun is still possible.

NMMK Rally 2001
Jens put up the flag for his beautiful 4-door saloon.

NMMK Rally 2001
Jens Kjeldsen maintain his Traveller to a very high standard although it is in daily use.

NMMK Rally 2001
Norbert had prepared for heavy rain.

NMMK Rally 2001
A very good low light from Switzerland.

NMMK Rally 2001
Jörgen Nissens special pick up, this time without the matching trailer.

Thank you to everybody for a nice weekend.