Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Cables, Connectors, Switches & Boxes

Cables & Connectors

Ill. Part Number Description Remarks Info
1WRC101Harness State type and chassis 
*602037Grommet harness through boot  
*236366Clip - earthing lead head side and flasher lamps  
2WRC103Cable - dipswitchState LHD or RHD 
3WRC104Cable - battery to starter  
*GHF2750Clamp terminal negative  
4WRC105Cable - battery positive to earth  
*GHF2755Clamp terminal positive  
*ADA6357Buffer behind battery  
5WRC106Cable - starter switch to starter  
6WRC107Cable - engine to earth  
7WRC108Clip - harness to valance  
8WRC109Clip - harness to dash  
9WRC110Clip - number plate lamp cable (Boot-lid)  
10WRC111Clip - petrol gauge cable to dash  
11WRC112Grommet - petrol pump lead  
12WRC113Grommet - spare wheel floor  
13WRC114Grommet - headlamp wires  
14WRC115Spacer - HT cables  
15WRC116Grommet - trafficator switch cable  
16WRC117Grommet - tail lamp cableSaloons and convertible 
17WRC118Ferrule - rear lamp cableTraveller 
18WRC119Connector - horn feed and earth leads  
19WRC120Clip - number plate lampBoot-lid 
20WRC121Sleeve - tail lamp cableSaloons and convertible 
21WRC122Grommet - tail lamp cable Traveller 
22WRC123Clip - rear lamp cableTraveller 
23WRC124Connector - Lucar  
24WRC125Insulator - connector socket  
25WRC126Cap - grommet retainer to dash  
*WRC128Bullet connector male  
*WRC119Connector single line female  
*WRC119AConnector double line female  
*WRC119BConnector triple line female  

Indicator Switches

Ill. Part Number Description Remarks Info
1SWT101Switch assembly - indicator   
2SWT102Cover - switch  
*GHF421Screw for SWT102  
3SWT103Contact - horn  
4SWT104Control assembly - horn and indicator  
5SWT105Window - bulb  
7SWT106Relay - indicatorPush on connector units 
8SWT107Relay - indicator - 8-way  
9SWT108Switch - indicator  
10SWT109Switch - indicator  

Boxes & Switches

Ill. Part Number Description Remarks Info
1SWH101Regulator box assembly Screw terminals 
2SWH102Regulator box assemblyLucar connectors 
3SWH103Fusebox assemblyScrew terminals 
4SWH104Fusebox assemblyLucar connectors 
6SWH106Switch - starter  
7SWH107Coupling - starter switch to control  
8SWH108Switch - starter solenoid  
9 Switch - starter solenoidUse SWH108 
10SWH109Cap - terminal insulating  
11SWH110Regulator boxFor alternator only 
12SWH111RelayFor alternator only 
13SWH112Warning light controlFor alternator only 
14SWH113Fuse - 35 amp  
15SWH114Switch - ignition  
16SWH115Switch - ignition - starter  
18SWH117Lock assembly - ignition  
19SWH118Control assembly - starter803cc - brown knob 
 SWH119Control assembly - starter948cc - black knob 
20SWH120Switch - windscreen wiper803cc - brown knob 
*AHH5364Knob for SWH120  
 SWH121Switch - windscreen wiper948cc - black knob 
*AHH5360Knob for SWH121  
21SWH122Switch - lighting803cc - brown knob 
 SWH123Switch - lighting948cc - black knob 
22SWH124Switch - windscreen wiper1098cc 
23SWH125Switch - lighting1098cc 
24SWH126Packing - dipper switch  
25SWH127Switch - dipper  
*PMZ306Screw for SWH127  
*SWH127ASwitch dipper late type  
*3H3100Switch lamps instrument  
*SWH201Switch windscreen washer  
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