Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S


Ill. Part Number Description Remarks Info
 UKC5334 Engine mounting front   
 CHA615 Rubber mounting   
 159656 Gearbox mounting O/D   
 GRH533 Hose top   
 GRH265 Hose radiator lower   
 GRH532 Hose radiater bottom 1500   
 AJM414 Gasket rocker cover   
 GFE119 Oil filter   
 156345 Accelerator cable HS2   
 156346 Accelerator cable HS4   
 DIF154 Joint   
 GHK1029 Bearing kit rear wheel   
 514370 Trunnion bush kit rear   
 GEG183 Head gasket set MK1-2   
 AJM1182 Head gasket set MK3   
 AJM1149 Head gasket set MK4 1300 >FH25000  
 AJM1209 Head gasket set MK4 FH25001>  
 AJM1195 Head gasket set 1500 FM28001>  
 GEG216 Gasket set conversion   
 AJM279 Gasket set conversion MK4-1500   
 100499 Oil seal timing cover MK1-3   
 UKC1110 Oil seal timing cover MK4-1500   
 143456 Oil seal crankshaft   
 AJM517 Gasket sump   
 FSSP1 Exhaust stainless steel MK1   
 FSSP2 Exhaust stainless steel MK2   
 FSSP3 Exhaust stainless steel MK3   
 FSSP4 Exhaust stainless steel MK4 1300   
 FSSP5 Exhaust stainless steel 1500   
 GEX1252 Exhaust pipe front MK3   
 GEX6039 Exhaust center MK3   
 GEX3201 Exhaust rear MK3   
 GEX3482 Exhaust rear MK3 75000>  
 GEX1439 Pipe manifold to silencer MK4 1300   
 GEX3668 Exhaust box rear MK4/1500   
 GEX1620 Pipe manifold to pipe 1500   
 GEX1621 Pipe down pipe to silencer 1500   
 GEX3668 Exhaust box rear MK4/1500   
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