Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Rubber Parts

Rubber mounts, bump stops, rubber bushes and other rubber parts

We have now produced these parts for a couple of years and are now sure of the quality.

These parts can be produced by simple tooling for a small number or we can make better tooling for a bigger quantity. Should you have a problem, I will be pleased to give a quotation for producing what you need. For this I need a sample or drawing. Even if it is not a big number of parts you need, the price is affordable.

These rubber parts are in production and are in stock in Denmark:

Part no.Description
AAA3627bush front eye rear spring Van
ACA9671bump stop round 11-1300
ACA9741bump stop square 11-1300
ACA9941bump stop rear 11-1300
ACH8490seal air filter
ACP102rubber accelerator
ADA4373plug sunvisor aperture
ADA531bumper van late
BDH4144buffer glove box lid
COM110bush rubber
COM131Arubber pedal "M"
EXC111weatherstrip ventilator
HTR109hose heater
LKG103socket locking rod Traveller
MNT101engine mount
MNT120gearbox mount
RAD104hose rubber radiator overflow
RGF104seating strip rubber
STR137seal rack
SUS121bump stop
SUS122bump stop
SUS123bump stop
SUS710bump stop
SUS712rubber plate
VNT128weather strip
11H1610engine mount 1800
11H1643engine mount 1800
11H1648engine mount 1800
31G312mounting front subframe 11-1300
31G313mounting rear subframe 11-1300
31G314mounting rear subframe 11-1300
31G316mounting rear subframe 11-1300
31G369mounting front subframe 11-1300
31G370mounting front subframe 11-1300

Gunapala making the metal parts for 11H1610 engine mount for Austin Morris 1800.

Wasantha making the metal parts for 11H1643 and 11H1648 engine mount Austin Morris 1800.