Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

New Morris Minor Van has arrived!


This is what we can do now in a good quality. Little by little the staff will be better trained and more parts added until we are able to deliver the complete car to the customer specification.

This first car is only the chassis frame, the driver’s cabin, rear cabin, mud guards, grill surround, grille, bonnet and side doors. These parts are fixed and aligned. The trim in the rear cabin is fixed. Door liners, mats and seats are not fixed.

The rear cabin is a unit entirely in fibreglass and also available as a separate part.

It is not possible to do a good paint job in the open, but the primer is ok. Hopefully we will soon have a paint shop.

A front and rear axle are only mounted for moving around the car and is not usable for the road. No mechanical is there, but it will be an entertaining job to complete the car. Many Morris Minor Owners have a lot of good used parts in stock and should something be missing everything is available from us.

When we have moved the company to our new premises and have more space it will be possible to ship cars to Sri Lanka for rebuilding.

A good starting point with many good details.

Alignment of bonnet, grill surround, mud guards and doors are excellent.

Nice interior trim with heavy carpets and leather seats.

Best regards
Anton Kamp
August 8th 2003