Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Sri Lanka

February 2004

After much negotiation a more permanent base for the company is finally acquired.

Construction is well in progress. Hopefully, we will soon be able to move to Pinnaduwa, 2 km from our present place.

We now have 5 acres and as it is a very hilly area it seems enormous. There is a difference in altitude of 35 meters from the lowest to the highest spot. There are several roads on our new premises and the idea is to place workshops and other buildings all over the area.

It will be a significant advantage when developing new parts, that we get plenty of space and hopefully, the employees will soon be enjoying working in a well organized and friendly environment.

In time, "The Classic Car Village" will surely be worth a visit.

If you like to enjoy the sun and the beach, one of the ten best beaches in the world is just 8 km away. A vacation in Sri Lanka is cheap and I will gladly help you arranging a visit.

Best regards
Anton Kamp

The site in October 2003.

Office building and terminal building same place in February 2004.

Terminal building and the workers shed with toilet.

Supporting wall and ramp in front of the buildings.

Cement mixer - fairly quick, and it looks easy.