Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Gas Van

Only one elderly lady owner!

But what a lady! Surely somebody has assisted. Surely she has not been the driver. Actually the documents for the car show that it has been owned by a lady, but at least for 6 to 7 years it has been in service for a bakery.

Gas Van 1

No filler pipe. No fuel tank.

Gas Van 2

No petrol pump. No float chamber. No choke. No jet and needle. Where the jet should be, a copper pipe and a union with a plastic tube going behind the wiper motor over the battery and into the car.

Gas Van 3

In the car we find more plastic tube with a crane. It can be seen that a gas cylinder has been placed in front of the passengers seat.

Gas Van 4

When we undo the copper pipe we find a very big "jet".

Gas Van 5

King size needle. No damper piston.

Gas Van 6

Very simple conversion for gas. We connected to a house hold gas cylinder and started the engine. The engine seems to run properly and responded as usual to the accelerator. Unfortunately there are no brakes on the car and we could not test the performance, but surely it works and it would be interesting to know how well.

Would our MOT accept this set up???

I have seen two other systems. One with a plastic tube tied to the air filter housing with a string and one with a tube connected to a union drilled into the ventury. Both with a house hold gas cylinder with a regulator in front of the passengers seat. Both with a fuel pump and able to run and start on fuel.

I have asked many people about the safety using gas in this way and nobody have heard about accidents.

I learn something every day.

Walahanduwa the 7th of June 2008.
Best regards