Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Sri Lanka

June 2008

When I sit on the veranda enjoying life with a cup of tea, my pipe and laptop, it is hard to understand that the situation is critical in several places down here.

The sun is shining and then replaced by a shower. Birds chirping, monkeys quarreling and all the usual sounds. There is a bird that sounds exactly like a cat, which has tricked me several times before I realized it was a bird.

Almost daily I hear or read about explosions in trains and busses with many dead and injured. It is rain season and in some places there are floodings and land slides. Many have been killed and thousands are homeless.

Naturally, this affects me but not directly. My daily work is centred around the company and the bungalow so I don't feel any personal danger. I get to the airport by taxi and it does not seem like a risk. There could be problems on Tuesday when I go home, because part of the road to the airport has been flooded several times. If it rains then I'll have to leave very early to catch my plane.

At the factory things are progressing steadily but slowly.

New workshop should be finished in a few months.

Production has been crowded into the existing buildings, so it will relieve the "pressure" when this building is completed. It will be 180 square meters and will cost around 8.000£. Quite a difference to prices in Denmark.


Most of the cockpit is replaced when reconditioned. Here you can see behind the inner wing. Notice the two hollow spaces behind the shock absorber crossmember that need protection against rust.

This time I have made a video to advertise the Morris Minor and the factory. It is the first time I have tried this and I feel a bit embarassed about some of it when I watch it. It is certainly not professional work, but it will do. It is the subject that matters.

I hope I can get better at this. It has potential. We are putting the movie on YouTube so you can see for yourself.