Nordisk Morris Minor Lager A/S

Holiday in the Morris Minor Village

Pinnaduwa, Sri Lanka.

Rent my residence when I am not here. An outstanding chance for a very special and interesting holiday. You will meet people and learn about everyday life in Sri Lanka.

Not much planning is needed. First you find out if the bungalow is vacant when you would like to visit. Next you book your flight and inform us about flight number and arrival time so we can pick you up at the airport. The rest you can plan when you are here and learn about the options.

Rent including transport in our Morris Minor from and to the airport, all meals, tea, laundry and cleaning:
1st week Rs. 160.000, 2nd week Rs. 130.000, 3rd week Rs. 110.000, following weeks Rs. 100.000.
This is the cost for one person. If two persons add Rs. 10.000 a week.

This is your basic costs. If you want a beer or other things it is available from local shops at local prices. If you want something ready at your arrival we can buy for you.

This is the small bungalow.

60 sq.m, with sitting/dining room, bedroom/”hospital”, bathroom, kitchen and open veranda. It is located in a peaceful area inside the company premises, 5 acres of land fully fenced and with 24 hours security guard. The other building is the store/office.

Office/sitting/dining room.

Here you will find a mobile telephone for pay cards ready to use. It is a dual sim card phone and you can also fit your own sim card. If you meet a person who can not speak English, you can call an English speaking person, tell him what you want to say and hand over the phone.

You can use same procedure should your cook/maid not understand you.

Mostly this will not be needed as the lady will be properly instructed about how to care for you. During working hours there is English speaking people in the nearby store/office building.

You will also find a USB pen for connecting your computer to the internet, or you can use a computer in our office during working hours.

Bed room/hospital.

Hospital means a massage bench, a steam box and some other small things. You can call Tudor to give massage and you can call doctor Walawage to check up on you and get a treatment (Ayurveda). The doctor will instruct the cook how to feed you and Tudor how to give massage. You will feel younger after some time even if you have no complaints about your health. If you have a problem they will cure it.

Now there is a curtain between the bed and massage bench.

Bathroom with hot water shower.

Kitchen with fridge.

You can just stay and relax, visit the workshops, give the boys a helping hand if you like and teach them or go to town or to the beach, go sightseeing or you can send your own Morris Minor project and work on it yourself and ask for assistance from an experienced panel beater or mechanic.

You will see how we produce parts for the Morris Minor and how we repair and restore a Morris Minor.

The machines are same age as our Morris Minor and the factory is in some respect like a working museum.

Surely you will enjoy staying here.

Best regards
Anton - - 12th of January 2014.