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Noise from the steering rack

The steering rack on the Morris Minor is very strong and reliable. It has now served you for 40 years and can be worn and noisy.

Replacing two damper pistons (illustration no. 4 and 8) will often cure the problem. Even though the rack and its housing is worn, replacing the dampers will reduce the noise. As far as I know these dampers are not available in Sri Lanka. I will bring some samples next time and Classic Cars will produce. In this way we can keep the cost low.

You do not need to replace the dampers right away. It can wait until you for some other reason have to attend to your steering rack. Servicing the steering rack is easy. Mostly it is only a matter of inspecting the steering rack gaiters and oiling the rack.

Whenever you are greasing your car, inspect the gaiters. In case of an oil leak, replace the gaiter immediately in order to protect the steering rack.

There is a grease nipple on the steering rack and you may think that grease is to be used, but it is not so. You have to use oil. The same as you are using for your rear axle and differential. Oil every 20.000 km or once a year. 10 strokes from a small grease gun filled with oil, or more if your gaiters have been leaking.

Should you have a problem with your track rod assembly (illustration no. 20 to 24), this part is available from Mr. Lakshman, Sumana Motor Stores, 114, Panchikawatte Road in Colombo, tel. 433312. It is a Quinton Hazel part and the quality is good.

Anton Kamp

Steering Rack

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